Processor Booster Maximizes Performance for rooted android devices


Many apps in the Play Store just kill background running apps to reduce battery consumption & claim an increase in speed. Actually they just kill background running tasks & cleans cache. As soon as the background running apps are cleaned, their services in the background restart again in a few seconds. Cache are temporary files created by apps that help to load up faster the next time you use them.


Processor Booster detects background running services & Hibernates (deep sleep) app services in the background when not in use, by using this app you can either hibernate apps individually or auto hibernate them all at once with just 1-tap and leave the rest to us.


For example large apps like Facebook use very high RAM VM Heap size. Processor Booster sets RAM VM Heap size to maximum which maximizes the availability of memory to the current running app, this ensures that the app has a very low chance to crash by running out of memory.


Processor Booster sets CPU Governor by setting the frequency of the processor to an optimal state. This app automatically sets appropriate CPU Governor that make it fast and stable.


This app is designed in such a way that you just have to select and activate any one of the boosting mode, and leave the rest to the algorithm. This app never sends you notification to disturb you, Nor any fancy animations like broom, rocket, etc. We want you to just activate a boost mode and leave.


Root Access is required to function properly. This app has a automatic backup system and will not damage your device. It's proven with all type of processors with varying frequency and varying number of cores.

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