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Score update ~ 6/5/18


My first experience with this iptv service pleasantly surprised me. It offers tons of video on demand movies, tv shows, 24/7 streams, Pay Per View live events, live sports (There are no blacked out games so you can watch any game that's on live no matter where you live, Cable Tv does not offer this), International channels from around the world, Local news stations plus much more. For the price you pay you get so much content. You must have at least 20mbps download speed to have the best experience, so if you have slow internet then this one might not be for you. With a vast selection of channels and content, I found myself not knowing what I wanted to watch. The majority of streams i clicked on started up. It takes anywhere from 5-6 seconds for a stream to begin playing, this usually happens when you have a VPN enabled. Every so often I would get a message that would say "Cannot play stream", but If you exit stream and click on it again, 95% of the time the channel will open. No iptv service will be 100% perfect. I had many days with uninterrupted streaming but sometimes I would have a issue with a channel I wanted to watch. There's over a thousand channels to choose from so i was not bothered at all. The Cable Guy Tv played fine in Kodi but if your not at least a little tech savvy I would not recommend installing it that way first. There are several different ways to install and watch The Cable Guy streaming service, all that information is provided on their website. The Cable Guy TV Guide apk "CLIC" that I provide for download below suited me and my android tv box the best and would recommend installing that on your android tv box first before trying other options. It's quick and very easy to set up. There will be a slight learning curve when navigating around the apk version on your tv box, you might get a little lost at first, there is a lot of content. The TV Guide is incredibly helpful and easy to navigate. I did find that when I scroll down the actual tv guide list, the tv guide would shift into a different time slot, This happens if your on a android tv box. Not a big deal and only slightly annoying. Just having a TV Guide was a major bonus so it was very easy to overlook this very minor flaw that you can easily adapt to. You have the option to create a favorites list so you don't have to go thru the long list of streams over and over again. I absolutely love this feature and is incredibly helpful. Simply highlight the channel, and press and hold down the "OK" or "Enter" key and within 2 seconds a pop up menu will appear where you can choose save to favorites. Then when you go into the "LIVE TV" section you will notice a square that says favorites. You can also search your favorite channels by going into the channel section then clicking on the magnifying glass symbol at the top right hand corner and all your typed in searches will appear, easy peasy, save to favorites, lemon squeezy. In options you have a choice to switch to a different video player (MX Player or VLC Player) and change the stream format (MPEGTS .ts or HLS .m3u8) so if your encountering some playback issues, you can easily install any of those players and switch to see if they work better. Now let's get into pricing. This is where it gets good. The price is extremely reasonable at $14.99 a month with a reduction in price when subscribing to a 3 month plan $35.99, 6 month plan $59.99 or a year plan $109.99. If you subscribe to the yearly plan it breaks down to $9.17 a month. This puts it at more than half the price of nearly all other iptv services out there. Their support is top notch. It's always a good sign to read customer testimonials, It gives you a good insight on what to expect. They reply back to you in a very timely manner for questions you may have, I know this because I had some basic questions and they were extremely quick to reply. The Cable Guy TV may have a couple of hiccups here and there, (mainly their tv guide shifting when scrolling on a android tv box) but that can be easily overlooked by the sheer amount of content you get at an extremely low price. I noticed these guys try very hard to make their customers happy. With that being said, they are one iptv service you should try out if your in the market for a cable alternative that won't drain your bank account and that has excellent customer support. Don't forget to watch my quick demo video above.  


Key Features:

USA, UK, Canada and over 30 other regions

No Contracts. Cancel at anytime with no penalties

1500+ Live Cable Channels including local news channels from major US cities

Only $14.99 a month with reduction in price for 3 month, 6 month or one year subscriptions.

Access from anywhere a internet connection is available.

Available for Apple ios, Amazon Fire, Android and Windows.


Download and install this apk (CLIC) for The Cable Guy Tv service on your android device. Put in your username and password. Please remember to checkmark the box "Remember Me" that way you don't have to input your username & password every time you start up the app. After that It will then begin to set up and install the epg updates. Within 20 seconds your guide will be ready to go. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to start enjoying your service. For alternate ways to install, visit The Cable Guy TV website.


CLIC apk For Android:

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