October 30th 2018. IMPORTANT GEARS TV UPDATE. If you are using Gears TV apk version 1.9, please update your apk to version 2.2. Older versions of Gears TV will no longer work after 10/29/18. Completely uninstall older version from your device then install the newer version.






Gears TV Demonstration Video


I am personally satisfied with the quality of this iptv service. You get 400+ live streaming cable channels including UK TV, Canada TV, PPV, NFL Sunday Ticket, League Pass, There are no blacked out games so you can watch any game that's on live, Cable Tv charges hundreds for that feature. (There are no other international channels in this service aside from UK and a few select latino channels). There will be issues every now and then with any iptv service, you will never get perfection but at about 85%-90% reliability it's surprisingly good. I rarely had a issue playing the streams I want but you do get the occasional stream that can't start up or has no sound. Streams load up fast and the majority of streams are in high definition (720p-1080p). There are several ways to watch this service, but my personal favorite is the apk version with the Mayfair Tv Guide. It is incredibly well done with a very easy to use interface that looks & feels like you actually have that high priced cable installed. You also have the option to install it in Kodi which plays well as long as you follow the instructions they give you for the acceleration settings. The  price starts at $15.00 a month for Gears and extra if you want the Mayfair Guide included. The quality of this iptv service is top notch. If you have multiple devices that you want to stream at the same time then price is usually discounted. The Mayfair Guide may be sold at a separate monthly fee (usually $3.50-$5.00 extra). It's very easy to subscribe. It may have a lot less content than other iptv services, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. With cables high cost and increasing prices you will save lots of money that I am sure you would like to spend elsewhere.



*Gears TV Android apk. file:

apk File 55.4 MB


Mayfair TV Guide Pro apk: 

A monthly subscription fee may be needed for this tv guide to work.

apk File 53.2 MB


Gears TV Kodi repository zip file:

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 60.0 KB


Gears TV Kodi Repository Address:



Various reseller url links to their service:

Please note that not all resellers are created equal. Prices will vary. If you have any issues, contact them immediately.

Gears Official Website - https://omarsvideos.com $15 Gears only. Mayfair TV Guide not included.

Reseller Website Link #1 - https://www.thelittleguysco.net -  $15 Gears only. Mayfair TV Guide optional for $5 extra.

Reseller Website Link #2 -  https://kingvision.techSeveral bundle deals available.


Reseller Website Warning- https://gearstvhd.com - SCAM ALERT! Several complaints. Do not purchase from this website.


Disclaimer: I just provide information on this iptv service. I am in no way affiliated with Gears TV. I am not in control of services offered by Gears TV. If you have questions or issues you will need to contact them directly.



Scores are based off of amount of streams offered, stream reliability, customer service and overall experience. The scores are just my opinion based off my experience. Your view or experience may vary from mine so take my reviews with a grain of salt.  

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