Watch the video tutorial for Kodi 18 before attempting to install. This will not install the same way as the older versions. It is very similar but with a few extra steps. It also uses a different restore program. If you like my builds then you will like that I keep the same style. Very simple without a lot of clutter. The only major difference is extracting the backup zip file and using a different backup restore program. Installation from start to finish takes approx 10 min. My tutorial video is much longer only because I am explaining things along the way. 





You may have to install the quantum backup restore file twice for all the dependent files to fully install. Sometimes the last few dependencies fail to install so just go back to Kodi v18 and click on it again. This is a minor glitch that some of you may experience.


Advanced Settings xml guide

1gb RAM device  -  (50mb) xml= 5248800       

2gb RAM device  -  (200mb) xml= 209715200

3gb RAM device  -  (350mb) xml= 367001600

4gb RAM device  -  (500mb) xml= 524288000








apk File 60.1 MB

Two download locations available


In order to download the file from your web browser on your tv box from my file share page, you must have a 7.0+ operating system or above. Anything lower than 7.0, there is a chance the download may fail. Compressed Archive in ZIP Format (311.8mb) Compressed Archive in ZIP Format (328.09mb)

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.7 MB


This is the file manager I use to extract the backup zip file in my video tutorial. You can use any file manager/explorer you like that can extract zip files.


apk File 14.0 MB