On android operating systems 9.0 and above you may have to unplug your device once the Kodi backup file has finished installing. I have noticed on some devices pressing the home button and force stopping it from within the Kodi application doesn't work. What happens is that the skin doesn't fully install properly so if that happens to you, try doing that.



Kodi Installation Video


Alternate Kodi Installation Video



Advanced Settings xml guide

1gb RAM device  -  (50mb) xml= 5248800       

2gb RAM device  -  (200mb) xml= 209715200

3gb RAM device  -  (350mb) xml= 367001600

4gb RAM device  -  (500mb) xml= 524288000










apk File 60.6 MB


backup.zip Compressed Archive in ZIP Format (255mb)



Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.7 MB