In early March 2015 a friend told me about a device called the UBox, a android tv box that can pull up free tv shows and movies ect... Since I have never even heard of such a device I didn't believe him. How on earth can you get that kind of stuff for free, there's got to be a catch right?. Well I eventually agreed to go to a demonstration he was having at his house the following week. What I saw blew my mind. He pulled up tv show seasons and played them right there in front of me. Then he showed a couple movies. This is where I first heard about Kodi. I was very impressed and confused at the same time. I asked several questions because to sell those devices you had to become an affiliate. The price was steep at $299.00+ an extra $50.00 to become reseller. Long story short, The company screwed everyone over and I lost money on this multi level marketing scheme (MLM). Same year around May 2015 I was contacted by a reseller for Stream Smart (now called Stream Station). He told me about a tv box that he claimed was a much better than the UBOX. My wounds still haven't healed on my first run into the tv box world so I was very reluctant to get into it again with another. I was eventually convinced and ended up purchasing a box from him. There was no affiliate fee to become a reseller so that was a huge plus. When I finally got the box in the mail I was even more impressed by this tv box than the UBox. I began purchasing 5 boxes at a time and selling them. At first it went well but at a retail price of $399.00 it began to get more difficult to sell off my inventory. People were not willing to pay that price so I slowly began to drop the price. After a while I dropped it so low I was not making much of a profit. In just under a year of sluggish sales, the head of the company decided to raise the minimum purchase to 20 units, a price much too high for me to pay and even if I could, I would end up sitting on boxes for months collecting dust, so obviously I dropped out... I really had no choice. I did however learn a few things from those 2 tv boxes throughout the time I had them. I began looking into customizing my UBox since it was severely outdated and wanted to get it back up and running with the latest addons. Lots of research, trial and error, sleepless nights and headaches, I started to get how these boxes worked. I did notice throughout my journey that it wasn't easy locating most of the information and would spend hours just looking for the stuff I wanted. Around April 2016 I started to look into free websites. I Tried out a few and eventually settled on one that was easy for me to customize to my liking. My goal was to create a website that would contain all the basics to help get your android tv box up and running. I wanted to show people that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a tv box to benefit from what it has to offer. At the time I did not expect for my site to grow as much as it did. Customizing and adding more stuff took off and it was like I was possessed with putting as much information as I could before passing out each night. I started thinking about getting my own domain name and opening up the full version of my website. November 9, 2016 was the day I decided to take that leap and that's where I am now.


Since opening my site on November 9, 2016, everything I put in is out of pocket. Annual website fee, premium Dropbox account for file sharing plus other miscellaneous stuff and that does not include the hours I put in to keep things updated. I am not even close to making back what I put in, To give you an example, Putting all affiliate commissions and website donations I received this year (2018) I got approx $142.00. The money I put in and this includes premium Dropbox and my yearly website renewal (not including the 40+ hours I put in each month keeping my website up to date), Approx $220.00. It's getting more difficult for me to contemplate keeping my website going when I am not making back at the very least what I put into it. I am currently working on other projects that are unrelated to this website. I do not want to abandon what I truly love doing so please if you can, help support my website by downloading the images below that contain my affiliate links and share them with others or by sending a small once a year website donation. Your help and support is needed to keep this website going.



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