These are my own personal media center backups. They require just a little tech knowledge but even a newbie can pull off installing my backups. I have a video tutorial on each one to guide you in the installation process. Be sure to read all the information on the page of the media center you're installing. Good luck and enjoy.





Below are 3rd party Kodi forks with several builds available inside. They can be installed alongside other Kodi versions so feel free to install more than one if you like. Just download, install then enter application and follow the steps to get started. Some builds that are available inside may not be stable or not perform as desired depending on the specifications of your device, so for example, if you have a device with 1gb of ram, you may run into some performance problems. Since I do not put together any of the Kodi forks below, I cannot help with any issues you may have with them.





apk File 78.4 MB

apk File 69.8 MB

apk File 69.1 MB

18.6 Xanax.apk
apk File 61.2 MB