This Kodi 17 Krypton fork is made to work on older devices with Kit-Kat operating systems. Mygica 17.0 may or may not work properly on operating systems above 6.0 Marshmallow.


I'm doing my best to bring out a working MyGica Media Center update. I test out the addons on two older 4.4.2 Android TV Boxes I own. After testing this version, I've seen little issues with it but there's always a chance I overlooked a few things. This version will not work on all brands of TV Boxes and that is completely out of my control. If this works for you then enjoy.





This MyGica video has been age restricted by those A-holes at Youtube. I read on their website what things have to be in my video for them to age restrict it. Absolutely nothing it says on their site is in this video. I appealed it and they replied back and said it still stands...WTF?. There are thousands of Kodi videos out there and for some reason they targeted 5 of my videos for no reason. No bad language, violence, adult content, drug references, nothing, but those Jackasses still stand by their decision.............




Advanced Settings xml guide

1gb RAM device  -  (50mb) xml= 5248800       

2gb RAM device  -  (200mb) xml= 209715200

3gb RAM device  -  (350mb) xml= 367001600

4gb RAM device  -  (500mb) xml= 524288000








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