If you download the rom zip files from a tv box there's a chance that it might come in a .bin format. The solution is to go into your file explorer or file manager on your box and simply change the file extension back to .zip. After you do that you will be able to open the zip file as normal. If you download from a PC you will not have this issue.




Nintendo Entertainment System emulator

apk File 986.9 KB


100 game zip folder:

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 11.3 MB


Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator

apk File 1.1 MB


100 SNES game zip folder

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 97.6 MB

Game Boy Advance Emulator

apk File 1.3 MB

100 game zip folder (348mb) 


For the best performance, your tv box should be a Octa-Core with minimum 2gb of ram, anything less you will encounter graphical glitches at the very least. I have tested it on a A95X A2 with 2gb/3gb ram & on the X92 3gb ram (Octa-Cores) and both worked pretty well. That's not to say you will have a flawless experience since these are emulators, you will never have 100% perfection on all games (roms). In this N64 collection I tested each one and all start up. Most high spec android devices should run them just fine.

Nintendo 64 emulator

apk File 10.2 MB

26 N64 games zip folder (268mb)