Welcome to the Game Zone. Here I will teach you how to install emulators and roms on your android tv box. 100 NES, 100 SNES, 100 Genesis, 26 Nintendo 64 & 350+ Multi Arcade Games will be available to download and install. I tested every single rom on my android tv box to make sure they started up fine, and also to weed out any dead or incompatible games that would just take up valuable space on your device. It was a very lengthy process but the end result was well worth it. Time to turn your android tv box into a multi video game system. Watch the video tutorials on how to install. Have fun.





You no longer have to go to my dropbox for NES, SNES & Genesis game folders. They are now direct download links in zip file format.



The file manager on the left is the one I use in my video tutorials to extract game zip folders. File Manager Plus is an alternative you can try out as well. You can use any file manager you like just make sure it's able to extract zip files. Be aware that some tv boxes will run slow when extracting. This process can also be done on a PC. You can download then transfer the extracted files back to your TV Box easily with a usb flash drive.



apk File 14.0 MB
apk File 6.8 MB




If you download the rom zip files from a tv box there's a chance that it will come to you in a .bin format. The solution is to go into your file explorer or file manager on your box and simply change the file extension back to .zip. After you do that you will be able to open the .zip file as normal. If you download from a PC, you will not have this issue.