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Customize your very own Kodi RSS news feed. I put the file together for you to save you time. The xml file is all set up and ready to go, You must download and install notepad++ to edit your xml file then just insert your text between the ">  <" and upload it to dropbox. Copy the link and paste or type it into your Kodi RSS feed section in Kodi, (You must install the RSS editor in Kodi). You will change the last number in the dropbox url from the number 0 to a number 1 example: (xml?dl=1).




The files below are to be downloaded and installed on your PC. They are not intended to be downloaded on your TV Box. This is for more advanced users. If you don't know what you are doing then do not proceed. I do not provide support on this subject. I'm just simply pointing you in the right direction.


XML Document 319 Bytes


You will need notepad++ to edit your xml file. Choose the installer that's right for you or click on the link at the bottom that will take you to their official website download page and choose different installation methods.


32bit X86 version

exe File 2.8 MB



64bit X64 version

exe File 2.8 MB


Notepad++ official file download page link