This review is based off the apk version of Vader Streams installed on Amlogic android tv boxes.


My first experience with this service did not go too well. It buffered horribly and the streams frame rate was really choppy. I changed things in options, tried adjusting my vpn but with no success. I found out eventually that this particular brand android tv box i was using (6.0 Marshmallow 2gb ram/16gb, S905X) did not work well with both the apk version of Vader Streams and the Kodi version. After over two hours of trying to get it to work, I installed the apk version on another tv box I had. This one is a 7.1.2 octa-core S912 with 3gb of RAM, 16gb. The difference was immediately noticeable. It played so much better than on my quad-core tv box. I came to the conclusion that there may be some android tv boxes that might not be able to handle their application. I have run across other iptv services that would not work on some brand tv boxes as well, so just be aware that if you have issues that cannot be resolved, It could very well be your device. With all that said, on my current device it runs great. In one of the Vader websites Q&A it says that there is no need for a VPN when using Vader, In my experience with Vaders I found to have a slightly better experience with a VPN on. After about 3 weeks with this IPTV service I have had mixed streaming results. For the first week I had great streaming but has since got a bit unstable at times. Some days were good but most days I had issues with my favorite channels. I tested other channels I don't really watch and it was mixed result as well. Some channels played flawless while others did not. Seems like this service goes through phases where it plays amazing then kinda goes south. On a more positive note, this is the first iptv service that allows 5 simultaneous connections on up to 3 different ip addresses. This is an amazing feature that everyone will absolutely love. All other iptv services charge extra for more connections. There are over 1,200 channels that span several different countries, an extensive sports section, pay per view events, video on demand and a very well done tv guide that is a godsend for those that do not want to blindly click on channels not knowing what's on at that time. I did find a lack in HD international channels. Even though most international channels are not in HD, they are still very clear. You will of course come across some channels that will not work or will be buffering more than others, that's to be expected. International channels seem to buffer more than USA channels and evening hours affects some channels as well. I am located in the United States so not sure if that's the reason or not. Your experience may vary. If you are like me, I prefer to use iptv services with a apk rather than in Kodi. I did try the Kodi version and I just did not like it very much. You may feel differently about that and is just my personal opinion. There are other ways to install and use Vader. The apk version takes a little getting used to but in no time at all, everything will become second nature. With all that it offers, 5 simultaneous connections and up to 3 ip addresses, thousands of channels, tv guide and a low subscription fee starting at $15.00 a month, it's extremely tempting. As with all iptv services, You must have high speed internet package and your device must have a speed reading of 20-mbps minimum, anything lower than that, don't expect to run this or any other iptv service very well. If you have Xfinity/Comcast then you should be ok. If you have AT&T be aware that they are throttling some applications and you might need a VPN otherwise you might have issues. One Vader website offers a 2 day trial for $2.50, so if you don't want to take the month leap, try the service out first. 


Please read website instructions carefully for any extra information when you subscribe. I am not affiliated with Vaders. I am just providing my experience and review on this service. If you are experiencing problems with Vader Streams, please contact the website that you subscribed service with.



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Urls that you can visit to subscribe to this service

Link #1- The official Vader Streams website:  https://boommedia.org/vader-streams

Link #2-  Alternative reseller website: https://vaderstreams.ca/buy-vaders/

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