What A VPN Does

A Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allows you to connect to the internet via a server run by a VPN provider. All the data traveling between your computer, phone, tablet, Tv box ect and the "VPN server" is securely encrypted. 


*It provides privacy by hiding your internet activity from your ISP company and government.

*It allows you to evade censorship by your school, work, your ISP company and government.

*It allows you to “geo-spoof” your location in order to access services denied to you based on your geographical location.

*It protects you against hackers when using a public WiFi hotspot, for example, Starbucks.

*It allows you to P2P download in safety.

In order to use VPN you must first signup for a VPN service, which usually costs between $5 – $10 a month, with a reduction of price when paying for a 6-12 month plan. A contract for service is required.


How A VPN Works

Normally, when you connect to the internet you first connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), which then connects you to a website, or other internet resources that you wish to visit. All your internet traffic passes through your ISP’s servers, and can be viewed and logged by your ISP company.


When using a VPN you connect to a server run by your VPN provider, “VPN server” via an encrypted connection, this means that all data traveling between your computer and the VPN server is encrypted so that only you and the VPN server can see it.



Using A VPN On Your Android TV Box


With the arrival of the regional blocks, there is nothing more frustrating when you have already prepared food to watch a movie or show, but then the system informs you that the chosen content that cannot be accessed anymore in your region. In such instances, a VPN is the first thing that comes to mind, as tunneling your connection through a foreign proxy allows the bypassing of such restrictions. Unlimited bandwidth is a good start, but there are other benefits as well, like full anonymity and an extra layer of online protection. You never know what kinds of dangers are out there, waiting for a chance to get a hold of your personal information. 


Adding a VPN to your Android TV box would be very wise. With a broadband connection and a cleverly set VPN protocol you can stay protected, without sacrificing too much speed or system memory. VPN providers establish a widespread presence in a multitude of foreign countries, so you’ll definitely find one that is close enough to you.



Setting Up A VPN On A Android TV Box


Setting up a VPN on your TV Box doesn’t require a degree, and people who are not tech savvy can complete it as well. You need an existing VPN account with a provider who supports android TV Boxes. Your job is easy when the provider come up with a solution that allows the direct download of their application through The Google Play Store. In this case the VPN setup is the same as any other app for your device. Just download it, run it, then log in.



Use Extreme Caution With Some Applications


If you love to stream movies and tv shows be aware that some apps may contain streams from torrent sources. If you do not have a VPN enabled on your device you may get a letter from your isp. They will point out that you have been downloading from illegal source and to cease such actions. When you access streams from torrents you're actually downloading a part of the content you are watching into your device. You can accidently or unknowingly click on a stream that comes from a torrent. This is where a VPN becomes very important. Using a VPN has many benefits. They protect you in so many ways. I know most of you out there ignore the need to subscribe to a VPN service but with the ever increasing lockdown on streaming devices containing 3rd party addons, it's only going to get worse unless you protect yourself. 









ISP's Are Throttling Kodi And Users Of IPTV Services


If you are using and IPTV service and noticing more buffering you are not alone. Over just the past few months there has been a significant increase in the amount of users that have been experiencing buffering as their Internet Service Provider has been slowing speeds down during but not limited to live IPTV streams.


Subscribers of Gears TV, Nitro TV, Players Klub and others have found there service being slowed down over the past few months.


Spectrum and Cox Communications have both been confirmed to throttle their customers and more isp companies will begin to follow the same practice, ( AT&T - Comcast ect...).


What Is Throttling you ask.

Your ISP can actually slow down your internet connection when streaming or using the internet from protocols that it decides inappropriate or not legitimate therefore denying you to get the full benefits (speed) of the service you are subscribed to. If they do not want you to go there then they can and will throttle.



The Signs Of Being Throttled

1- Your show will start and then stop or stream in slow motion.

2- You might have video and no audio.

3- After only a couple minutes you may be kicked out of the stream.

4- You will notice it more in the evening & on weekends when there are more users logged on.


How Can You Stop Throttling?

One of the best and easiest ways to prevent your ISP from throttling is with a VPN. This will hide your connection and eliminate the buffering and restore your service back to normal. With a VPN enabled, your ISP can only see you are using data, they cannot see to what site you're on, or what you're streaming.


 Over the next few weeks, months and years these issues are likely only going to increase and a VPN is going to be necessary to stream IPTV and other services on the internet.


The USA Senate and the House voted to repeal the FCC internet privacy laws which gives your ISP full authority to view and sell your streaming and browsing history. I recommend a VPN to protect your privacy. 





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