Welcome to Quantum6.net, a place where even a beginner can customize an android tv box. Almost all your basic android tv box needs will be contained here. The menus are pretty straightforward so you shouldn't have any problems finding what you need. All information provided on this website is freely available all across the World Wide Web, I just gather it all up for you and put it in one convenient place (Here). This will save you time and the headache of looking for it elsewhere. I try to keep everything updated to the best of my ability. Take a look around and enjoy.






Media Centers:

This page contains all my media center backups. Inside you will find Kodi, SPMC, MyGica, CEMC and FTMC backup restore files and easy to follow video tutorials along with lots of 3rd party Kodi developer forks.



Here you will find a vast collection of the latest and best Android Package Kits for your tv box. One click download onto your device has never been so easy.


Info & Extras:

It would be a mistake to overlook this section. It contains just what the title page says. The content you will find in here will be valuable to some and informative to others. Contents include - Cable Alternatives, Virtual Private Networks, Media Center Basics, Media Center Zip Files, Wallpapers, ROMs plus much more.



A very small and quaint shop with the bare essentials to get you started on the path to entertainment freedom. All sales help support this website.



And last but not least, my Contact page. In there you will find support and other information. If you have any questions, contact me by filling out the provided form.






I recently made a change in my apk's section. I put all the media player apk's on a separate page. There was just too many media players that it was slowing down my page loading time. You will now find it under the Menu. I have been meaning to upload more video tutorials but have been busy getting around to doing them. Hopefully within the next week or so I can get back on track with those. I have been lacking support the last few months. Be sure to check out my VPN section. Subscribing to a VPN through my links found on my website helps me out in what I do here. Thanks in advance for those planning on supporting me and to those who already have in the past. This website may not look like a lot of work but it takes time updating and maintaining it.



I am nearly done updating my website. I may fall a little behind on some of my update files during this process. I still have to add a few more things and maybe move a couple of stuff around. I estimate in about a week from writing this, I should have all this wrapped up. I hope you like the new changes I made. I'm aiming to make your visit to my site memorable and eye pleasing.



Within the next few weeks I will begin to clean up my website meaning I will be rearranging pages to make room for new content. This change will be gradual. Everything will be arranged in a way that will be easy to understand. If you find something missing, try checking the Info & Extras page.




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I renewed quantum6.net for another year. Since my website in the past year has not made a profit and was severely lacking support, I will be working on other projects to hopefully keep this website going into the next year. I will however make time to keep things up to date so don't worry, I will not abandon you guys. Remember, I am affiliated with PIA VPN, IPVanish and Nord VPN so anyone subscribing to those services help support my website. Share my affiliate links with friends and family and spread the word. Only with your support I can continue updating and maintaining this hidden gem I call quantum6.net.