Hi & welcome to my website, a place where even a beginner can customize an android device. Almost everything you need or want will be contained here. Menus are pretty straightforward, so you shouldn't have problems finding stuff. All information I collect is freely available on the Wonderful World Wide Web, I just gather it and put it in one convenient place (Right Here), that will save time and the headache of looking for it elsewhere. Most websites say they carry the files you want, then after going through a bunch of broken links, tons of redirects that lead to nowhere, you realize the file you spent so much time looking for no longer works or is severely outdated. I try to keep everything updated to the best of my ability. I'm not perfect, so maybe a file or two will get past me. Take a look around and enjoy.





Within the next few weeks I will begin to clean up my website meaning I will be getting rid of some unpopular pages to make room for new content. This change will be gradual and will not be drastic. Everything will be arranged in a way that will be easy to understand. 




I would like to thank all the people that have subscribed to services using my affiliate links and to those who have donated to my website. This is a wonderful start to the new year and your help is extremely appreciated. 







 I renewed quantum6.net for another year. Since this website in the past year has not made a profit and was severely lacking support, I will be working on other projects to hopefully keep this website going into the next year. I will however make time to keep things up to date so I will not abandon you guys. Remember, I am affiliated with The Cable Guy Tv, Nord VPN, PIA VPN and IPVanish so anyone subscribing to those services help support my website. Share my affiliate links with friends and family and spread the word. Only with your support can this hidden gem I call quantum6.net keep going.




The throttling problem seems to be getting worse. I have seen AT&T trucks working around my neighborhood a lot the past couple of weeks, then noticed a slowdown in applications starting up about a week after. Not sure if it's just a coincidence or they are doing some updating of their hardware. This problem will get worse as more time goes by. This is a heads up for all of you out there that think having a VPN isn't important.

When I test applications to be uploaded to to this website, I noticed that some severely lagged. I usually do not have my vpn on while testing apks just to see if they at least run fine for those who do not have a VPN subscription. I now have to turn my vpn on just to find out if they even work. If you install a apk and it lags or doesn't start up there's a chance your isp is throttling that application. Run a speed test on the device you're streaming from and if the readings are 20mbps or above and you are still having issues then you know something is wrong. As far as I can tell, AT&T seems to be worse than other isp companies. I can't even get most movie and tv apps to load up when connected to my AT&T isp. I didn't notice much difference with Xfinity but that may very well change. If your internet service provider says "We Never Throttle", its a lie. Applications like these are considered a threat to their profit and there is a small war being waged behind the scenes to get you to stop using these applications. Their goal is to make it as difficult as possible for people to use these apps. And remember, without a VPN your isp is keeping track of everything you are doing online, and that means all your tv box streaming and internet browsing as well. Think about that for a minute. I know that about 80% of tv box users out there have no idea what I am talking about, that's why I am informing you. If you choose to do something or ignore this message is completely up to you, but be aware that there might come a day where you turn on your device and try to load up your favorite movie/tv app and it's just not going to work. Almost all VPN providers have a 7 day or as much as a 30 day free trial. Stay protected, stay safe. For more info on VPNs Click Here.


Media Centers:

This page contains all my media center backups. Inside you will find Kodi, SPMC, MyGica, CEMC and FTMC backup restore files and easy to follow video tutorials.



Here you will find a vast collection of the latest and best Android Package Kits. One click download onto your device has never been so easy.


VPN Providers:

Here you will be introduced to 3 excellent Virtual Private Network Providers. I cannot stress enough how important a VPN can be not only for entertainment purposes, but for your general privacy and security. Be sure to read all the information at the bottom of that page to get a better understanding of how they work and what they provide.


Info & Extras:

It would be a mistake to overlook this section. It contains just what the title page says. The content you will find in here will be valuable to some and informative to others. Contents include - Cable Alternatives, The Media Center Basics, Media Center Zip Files, Wallpaper Backgrounds, Emulators and ROMs plus much more.



And last but not least, my Contact page. In there you will find my Support page. If you have any questions, contact me by e-mail. Just fill out the provided form on my Support page.


And there you have it. I take pride in creating a unique, well organized, easy to navigate website without all that extra Baloney most other sites have.