When ordering a iptv service be aware that most times the activation will be done manually meaning it can take up to 24hrs to get your login information sent to you. Also as a reminder, you may want to look into getting a VPN when using a IPTV service. Some isp companies may be throttling your speed when using these tv applications.




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I am in no way shape or form affiliated with any iptv service presented on this page. I simply provide information on them. If you do decide to subscribe to any services mentioned on this page, you are responsible for contacting that service provider for any problems you may encounter, for example, streaming or account issues. Please keep in mind that these services can shut down at anytime without notice. I cannot help or provide information on behalf of those services. 





THUNDER-TV review coming soon 


I have been experiencing extremely slow speeds from my internet service provider and have not been able to watch/test this service properly, especially on the weekend to determine the reliability of the PPV/sports events.




This is the Thunder TV Black apk with integrated TV guide. It is easy to install and get started with. Navigating will take a few minutes to get used to. It is not 100% compatible with all TV boxes. I found that out recently when trying to install on different devices. If this happens to you then you will have to use either the IPTV Pro or the OTTplayer application which has a higher compatibility with android devices.


Thunder TV Black Android apk

apk File 12.4 MB

Nitro TV Score: 7.5 / 10

Stream Reliability: 7.0 | Stream quality: 8.0 | Content: 9.0 | Ease of use: 7.5

What have we here? Content galore with seemingly endless menus filled with lots of goodies that will make you smile ear to ear. Where do I begin...? Well you have your PPV movie section,  24/7 section and of course you have plenty of international channels, sports section, PPV live events and when all is calculated, they claim to have 7,000+ streams at your disposal. When you click on a desired stream it opens up within a few seconds. If it takes longer than 5 seconds to open, then most likely the stream is down. The apk has a TV guide which is a must for IPTV services nowadays and it doesn't disappoint. TV guide works as it should, with picture in picture features that's very nicely implemented. the navigation might take a little getting used to though. If you are using a m3u playlist application like IPTV Pro, then your experience will be a little different. Using those m3u applications in my opinion was a slightly better experience. There is not much to say about Nitros vast library of streams but of course there are a few things I experienced that I need to let you guys know about. I did encounter buffering, it mostly happens on weekends and sometimes peak hours (3pm-9pm).  I seem to have slightly better streaming when I turn my VPN on but your experience may vary with that. The 24/7 section has a lot of streams that don't work as well. Some eventually get resolved while others seem to never come up again. The price is competitive considering you are getting a lot of content. Nitro TV is not perfect by any means, but the wide variety of content might keep you coming back.

Nitro TV Android apk

apk File 99.0 MB



  For slightly advanced users, try out these IPTV m3u player applications. If the IPTV service you subscribe too offers a m3u playlist url, then consider trying them out with your service. It may have better stability than using a apk version, if they offer it. 


apk File 19.1 MB

IPTV Pro Features:

✔ M3U and XSPF playlists support

✔ Playlists history

✔ Grid, list or tile view of TV channels

✔ EPG support in XMLTV and JTV formats

✔ Internal and external video players


apk File 3.2 MB

OTTplayer Features:

– Live broadcasts and history archives, (if playlist supports this function)

– You can add an unlimited number of M3U playlists

– You can add an unlimited number of XML EPGs

– Support for different streams (HLS, UDP and others)

- This application is only a player. To view, you need to add a playlist from your provider.


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Streaming Issues:

If you experience too much buffering, try doing a few speed tests. If you get high and low speed readings in a short period of time then - (1) Your isp is having problems. It has happened to me several times where I couldn't figure out why I had a hard time getting a stream and it was simply because my isp was the issue. ISP service can fluctuate so badly that sometimes streaming becomes next to impossible. (2) Your modem is old or outdated. Some people don't realize that they have had their modem for years and is possibly outdated. If it's been over 5 years then it's time to have that modem replaced by either your isp provider (if it's theirs) or going out and purchasing one on your own. (3) Your modem may be located too far away from your device. Some Android TV Boxes don't have long range wi-fi antennas installed in them making it a good chance that it could be the culprit. (4) Your isp service provider is throttling you. Doesn't happen all the time but isp providers do have a tendency to throttle your speeds and this usually happens during peak hours and on the weekend. If you are getting a speed reading of 25mbps or higher and you notice that streams are not starting up or its buffering way too much, then it's a possibility. A VPN may help but you must have a higher speed reading (40mbps +) to account for the VPN, which usually drops your overall speed by up to 15mbps when activated. (5) The stream or streams your trying to access are the problem. Believe it or not, we are all at the mercy of the source we are trying to watch. If the source is bad or being overloaded then it's just not going to be possible to watch. (6) Your isp speed package may be to blame. AT&T as with other internet service providers (mostly DSL) have speed packages. If you don't know how fast your service is, contact them to find out. There's a chance you have the cheap slow package that just won't be able to handle your streaming needs. Upgrade to a faster package and that should fix the problem.  (7) Your isp just sucks. Yes, there are isp providers that just suck. It can also depend on the area you live in. Sometimes the area you live in has not been upgraded with the latest equipment (hardware+software) and the service is just going to be bad and there's not much you can do about it unless other options are available too you. If you have the means to hard-wire your device to your modem with a Ethernet cord, then by all means do it. It is the best and most reliable connection you can have. As wi-fi signals tend to fluctuate, a wired connection is very stable. Friday-Sunday are the days where you might experience the most buffering.