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Glory V- 9.0/10   

One of the better services I have had the pleasure of trying out. It has a nice balanced selection that will please almost everyone. Their Movies and Series on Demand section was taken out recently and that's a shame because it added a extra punch to a already great streaming service. Stream quality & reliability is great. You get 3,000+ live streams that includes all your favorites, sports, premium, 24/7 streams, International streams and much more. Streams start up quickly and found it to be nearly buffer free on the majority of them. The price is higher than other services featured on this page but I think the quality justifies the price. They accept most major credit cards and Crypto Currency. No PayPal option to be found here. Bottom line: I am very impressed with this service. With quick starting streams, nice variety and reliability makes this one of my top choices.



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apk File 76.7 MB

Clutch TV- 9.0/10

Here's yet another great streaming service. The live stream count is over 7,000 and is by far the largest stream count out of all the services presented on this page. They offer a huge Video On Demand section that is rare for streaming providers to have nowadays. The movie section contains over 10,000 while their series section contains over 5,000. Don't be surprised if it's taken down in the future so enjoy it while it's still available. Several international streams from the Philippines, India, Brazil, Mexico, China, Italy, Africa, Indonesia, Netherlands just to name a few are at your disposal as well. They also have a 24/7 section and of course all your sports and PPV events to boot. They include local streams from around the USA as well. Steam quality is high but as you know, all streams won't be perfect. You will run into dead or buffering streams every now and then, mostly with the international and 24/7 streams. Their dedicated app I found way too confusing to navigate so I highly recommend using  IPTV Smarters or XCIPTV as they both are excellent for streaming Clutch. You will find those 2 apps below for download. The great part of this streaming service is that it's $10.00 a month for a 5 stream plan (IP Locked) or $20.00 a month, 5 streams (No IP Lock). My 9.0 score is based off the amount of content this service offers and their low price 5 stream plans. This streaming service was very close to getting a 9.5. It has a lot to offer. Tons of content, pretty decent stream quality and a very enticing entry price. They accept most major credit cards and Paypal. Subscriptions are automated so you will get your confirmation E-Mails right away so you can get started watching your favorite programs.



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IPTV Smarters Pro-v2.2.2.3.apk
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Clutch TV Port & API url:   






Hyve TV- 8.5/10

Now here's a  basic streaming service that's fast, reliable and has a very low entry fee. Welcome to Hyve TV. This service is for anyone that just wants USA, Canadian and Latino cable streams, but wait, that's not all it has. This service also contains 24/7 streams, Local Network, Premium movie channel streams, sports streams, PPV live event streams plus a few other goodies sprinkled in. The amount of streams available is over 1,700. The Movie and Series sections are empty but practically all streaming services do not include them so no big deal. This service seems to be running pretty fast and what I mean by that is when you click on a stream it starts up within 1-3 seconds. Of course like I always say, no streaming service is perfect. You will run into buffering on some streams or streams that go into a weird loop every now and again but that's common with all streaming services of this kind. They have 2 dedicated apps for you to use their service on and they work amazingly well. You will find those apps below for download. Now here's the best part, the 1 stream plan is only $5 a month but only contains USA streams. The $8.00 plan has all content and you are able to use 3 streams simultaneously with no IP lock. They accept most major credit cards and PayPal. Their service is automatically set to recurring payments so if you want to cancel, you will need to go into your dashboard and select cancel service manually. If USA, Canadian and Latino streams are all you really want or need then this service is sweet as honey. 


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Hyve Smarters 1.apk
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Hyve Smarters 2.apk
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You can no longer subscribe to Thunder TV but I still have the apps available if you already have the service.

apk File 73.0 MB
apk File 8.6 MB










Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic. The most common cause of buffering is the result of slow internet connection. This may also be because other users are hogging the bandwidth in your house. Disconnect them all and try again. The second and more logical reason is that you are using WI-FI, it doesn't matter how fast your internet is, WI-FI as a whole is unreliable. You should avoid using it when possible. Try to directly connect to your router using an Ethernet cable or a power-line adapter. If not possible, try moving your device closer to the router. Another possible solution is to change your WI-FI channel to avoid interference with nearby devices. Buffering can also be due to the quality of the stream you're connected too. For example, hundreds of users accessing the same stream source or servers being overloaded. Your streaming service provider may be having issues with servers that can cause stream loss and or buffering that is unavoidable no matter how fast your download speed is.


I highly recommend using a VPN with any services your subscribed too. Click here for VPN information.