Quantum6 Media is in no way affiliated with any of the services presented on this page. I simply provide information on them. If you do decide to subscribe to any services mentioned on this page, you are responsible for contacting the provider for any questions or issues you may have, for example, streaming or account issues. Please keep in mind that these services can shut down at anytime without any prior notice. I cannot help or provide information on behalf of these services. 





Glory V- 9.5/10   

One of the better services I have had the pleasure of trying out. It has a nice balanced selection that will please almost everybody. Stream quality & reliability is very high. You get 2,000+ streams that includes all your favorites, sports, premium, 24/7 channels and much more. Streams start up quickly and found it to be nearly buffer free on the majority of them. The price hits the sweet spot as well. They accept most major credit cards and Crypto Currency. No PayPal option to be found anywhere. Bottom line: I am very impressed with this service. With the quick starting streams, excellent variety, reliability and extras make this my number one choice. 







apk File 76.7 MB

Thunder TV- 8.5/10

A good service that works really great with the Thunder TV-X or Smarters application. You can also use OTTPlay. This service comes in a very close second to Glory. Thunder has a slight advantage when it comes to price and a very minor disadvantage when it comes to content. The price is unbeatable and the stream quality is very good. 90% of the streams you click on will start up without a hitch. You get 1,200+ streams (depending on the package you subscribe to). Sports, UK, Canada, USA streams and also the option to add adult content if you so desire. With the base package (1 stream) starting at just $5.00 a month and the full package (4 streams simultaneously) at $18.00 a month, it's a clear winner in the price category. I have had this service for a few months now and it has not given me too many problems. They accept PayPal and Bitcoin. No credit card payments are accepted. 







apk File 73.0 MB

Next Level- 8.5/10 

Here we have another pretty decent service. The price is very reasonable as well. You get your usual lineup, sports, 24/7 movies and TV shows, premium content and much more. Choosing the Smarters app to play this service would be a wise choice as it works fantastic on it. 85% of the streams seem to play well as of writing this review. There is not much bad to say about Next Level. It's a solid service all around that works well. You get 1,200+ streams for the basic package with hundreds more added if you choose the full package. The basic two stream package starts at $8.00 a month while the two stream full package starts at $12.00 a month. Adding another stream to your package is only $5.00 more. They accept Visa, Master Card and Visa Debit. No PayPal option to be found here. Bottom line: A pretty decent service with a nice price point.








Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic. The most common cause of buffering is the result of slow internet connection. This may also be because other users are hogging the bandwidth in your house. Disconnect them all and try again. The second and more logical reason is that you are using WI-FI, it doesn't matter how fast your internet is, WI-FI as a whole is unreliable. You should avoid using it when possible. Try to directly connect to your router using an Ethernet cable or a power-line adapter. If not possible, try moving your device closer to the router. Another possible solution is to change your WI-FI channel to avoid interference with nearby devices.


I highly recommend using a VPN with any services your subscribed too. Click here for VPN information.