.UCE game files for AtGames systems BYOG feature.


Tested on system with firmware version 5.65.0. and 5.68.0. AtGames Legends Ultimate Cabinet. AtGames Legends Core systems will work with stock firmware. Please note that if you have firmware version 5.68.0. on your AtGames Ultimate cabinet, do not upgrade your firmware to 5.70.0. It will break BYOG feature. 90% of the .UCE files will not load up anymore. If you have the AtGames Legends Core, you should be good with CoinOpsX and regular .UCE game files on BYOG.


I will start from scratch on my arcade .UCE files. This time I will be cleaning it up and adding custom bezels and in some cases custom game covers. The majority of them will be completely different from CoinOpsX. I will also be working on a mini version of CoinOpsX with all new Covers and artwork different from the CoinOpX that's offered online. It will contain approx 350 Arcade games and a sprinkle of console games that have an arcade theme, for example Contra, Super Contra, Contra III the Alien Wars, Axelay, Streets of Rage 1,2 and 3, Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes, Air Zonk and more. Files will be uploaded by November 15th 2023.

Game Info:

If I find any weird glitches in games, I will put the information here.


1. In the arcade game "The Gladiator". In order to start the game and add credits, you must hold "down" the control stick then press the start button. A couple other games may need this so if you can't add credits, try this method.