APK Time:


This application will make installing new apps and updating existing ones a snap. With a simple to navigate interface, you will quickly learn just how easy it really can be. My website contains some of the items in this app but for the not too tech savvy individual, this will make it a little easier. 

 Ad Guard (Premium):


This excellent application will block ads on almost every app that contains them. However it's quick to note that some apps may not allow for a ad blocker to be enabled when trying to use it. You can easily turn AdGuard on or off with the flip of a switch. AdGuard will conflict with VPN's so if you have one on your device, be aware that it will just turn off your VPN when you turn on AdGuard and vice versa. In rare cases, you will have to completely uninstall Ad Guard for certain apps to run.



Another great ad blocker to consider is Blokada. It has a 90% success rate in blocking those annoying ads in your applications but it's not perfect. Some applications won't run with this app enabled or allow you to download from some places. It usually depends on your devices operating system so just keep that in mind. Trial and error is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn't. Chances are you won't run into too many apps that will conflict with Blokada, and with the ever growing ads invading your favorite apps, it's good to have Blokada on your side. As with all ad blockers, this will conflict with VPN's. 

Aptoide TV: Alternative to the Google Play Store


Aptoide TV is a app store. You can also keep some of your basic apps updated with a press of a button. It will have a section that says "Available Updates" then you simply click on whatever app you want to update. Yes it's that easy. For those of you that just stick to the basics, this app store app is a must have on your device.

Ccleaner Pro:


It's important to keep your device clean and with Ccleaner Pro, it makes that task a whole lot easier. The pro version contains features that the free version does not have. Scheduled cleaning and notification blocking are some of the features. I recommend running this cleaner once a week or just enable scheduled cleaning and set it to auto clean. With Ccleaner Pro installed on your device, there will be no more worries keeping your device running at top performance. 

Root Booster:


This application cleans and stops applications that may be running in the background of your device causing it to slow down. It frees up ram so apps run better. This is the free hacked version. There will be no need to purchase. I recommend running this at the very least once a month. 



Speed Test by Ookla:


Experiencing streaming issues? Try running a speed test to determine if  your isp is running slow. You are still at the mercy of the source you're streaming from, so even if your speeds are high, it doesn't mean a flawless experience. If your speed is 15mbps or above, you should not have too many problems streaming from good clean sources.